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Warranty terms

  • Electric Knife Sharpener 3 year warranty
  • Sanding belt 1 year warranty.

Warranty starts from the date of purchase based on Warranty Void Label/Order History.

  • The warranty covers only normal use various functions such as a system of sharpening a knife angle adjustment system Various mode adjustment systems motor speed adjustment

  • Not covered
        1. Motor burns caused by overuse/wrong type of continuous use.
        2. Wear and tear caused by use Such as sharpening belts, sharpening stones, various abrasive parts.
        3. Any modifications/repairs/and adjustments other than those specified by the manufacturer.
        4.Warranty Void Label is torn and damaged.

All types of electric knife sharpener products customer must send the sharpener back to the shop for inspection. and if checked and found that it meets the warranty conditions as detailed above

We will ship a new one. (Only the device) return to the address stated without any cost. and will begin counting on the warranty from the remaining days.

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