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มีดพับ Spyderco Stretch Super Blue Knife Gray FRN (3.5" Satin) C90FPGYE

มีดพับ Spyderco Stretch Super Blue Knife Gray FRN (3.5" Satin) C90FPGYE


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มีดพับ Spyderco Stretch Super Blue Knife Gray FRN (3.5" Satin) C90FPGYE (Sprint Run 2014)

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- มีดพับรุ่นพิเศษที่ผลิตจำนวนจำกัดสำหรับปี 2014 (Sprint Run)
- ใบมีดเป็นแบบ Laminate ระหว่าง แกนกลางใบมีด Aogami Superblue และ 420J1


Sprint run version of the popular Stretch C90 knife with an Aogami Super Blue steel for an extremely sharp, long-lasting cutting edge. The blade has a Super Blue steel core between layers of 420J1 stainless steel laminate. When you look at the blade you will see a line running parallel to the cutting edge on the grind where the two steels meet. One of the most obvious advantages of using a stainless steel laminate is it's resistance to oxidation and stains where high carbon steels, like the Aogami Super Blue, must be properly maintained to avoid corrosion and pitting.

Aogami Super Blue is produced exclusively by Hitachi Metals at their plant in Japan. They use high quality iron-sand found only there to create different grades of white and blue steels. The steel itself isn’t blue or white in color; instead the designation refers to the color of paper the raw steel comes wrapped in when delivered to Hitachi.


  • Overall Length: 7.94"
  • Blade Length: 3.50"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.19"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.125"
  • Blade Material: Super Blue/420J1
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.44"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.422"
  • Handle Material: FRN
  • Handle Color: Gray
  • Weight: 3.21 oz.
  • Pocket Clip: Right/Left Hand, Tip-Up/Down
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type: Lock Back
  • Brand: Spyderco
  • Model: C90FPGYE
  • Best Use: Collection